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Bookish Links I Love!

And I think you will too.

Podcasts, book reviews, accessories, used books, festivals, book trackers, and more! Hit me up if you have any other suggestions you love!


I am a podcast junkie. If I'm not listening to an audiobook (or need a break), I'm devouring podcasts. My favorites are true crime and books. Here are a few of my favorite book podcasts. If you want some true crime suggestions, reach out and I'm happy to talk all things murderino!

Bookish Sites I Visit Daily...

... but probably shouldn't... Here are my daily check-in sites.

Bookish Accessories I Love

Do I need all these items? Probably not. But I LOVE them and use them daily. Some of these are affiliate links that help fund my high school classroom library.


Getting older = getting arthritis. But readers of all ages will benefit from this - especially with our chonky books.


Yes, I'm aware this shows a tablet, but this works equally as well for a book. This is the one I currently have, but I've been eyeing up THIS ONE as well. I love it for laying in bed and reading.


I love to use washi tape on the top and sides of my books to indicate chapters, parts, or important passages. This is especially helpful when teaching to find quotes and close reading passages.


When I need to read just one more boo... I mean chapter and my hubby wants to sleep, this comes in handy! And I love that it is rechargeable instead of battery operated.


I couldn't find an ARC journal that I liked, so I made one! It's helped me keep track of all my reviews and keep my NetGalley score at a 95%.


I use this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to listen to podcasts or audiobooks (or rarely music) to help me fall asleep. The bluetooth speakers are flat, so you can lay on it without hurting your ears! It's also great for running in colder weather.


I love these book flags as a reader and a teacher. There are several sets in this pack. I love marking passages to speak with my classes about or those I want to reference later.


Two Words: Neck Fan. I use this ALL. THE. TIME. Teaching in my hot classroom. Walking and listening to audiobooks. In the car. At track meets. Judging cheer. It has different speeds and is rechargeable.


I use this small, repositionable phone stand to hold my device while I read, tape videos (including the First Chapter Friday vids), and for timers in class. If you want something bigger to hold a tablet, I suggest THIS ONE.

National Book Festival


The Library of Congress puts on one of the biggest book festivals of the year. This year it is on Saturday, August 12th and it's FREE!! If you're anywhere near D.C., come check it out. I'll be there for sure!

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