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Bookish Life of Kari G

Welcome to the blog! As 2023 is coming to a close, I was a little hesitant to start this blog. Are blogs still relevant? Do people still read them? Or do they just skip to the recipe? However, I wanted a place to be able to share my more lengthy thoughts on the books I'm reading, especially ARCs (advance reader copies), and discuss trends, book flights, and more. So here we are.

If you don't already follow me on TikTok (, I do short 60 second recap and review videos for the books I read. This is a great way to get a bite-sized review if blogs aren't for you.

In 2023 I read over 250 books, which is bananas. While I feel accomplished in that number, I don't think I'm keen to repeat it anytime soon. I find that as I look back through the list of some really amazing books, I don't really remember a lot of them -- especially those from the beginning of the year. I didn't give myself the space to really sit with the characters and stories after reading before diving right into another read.

Part of the reason is my inability to move slowly through lists. If I have a list, I want to cross the items off immediately. Expeditiously. Without delay. So, I participated in the 52 Book Club 2023 reading challenge for the first time and LOVED it. But, I had a list of 52 prompts and needed to finish them NOW. I also added the 2022 challenge to my list since I usually read between 80-100 books a year. Little did I know, with all the awesome mini-challenges, the number of books I could read to "finish" the challenge was actually a lot more than 52 (or 104).

Finisher Graphic for the 2023 challenge

In 2024, I am still participating in the 2024 52 Book Club challenge and have added a few others to my list as well. (see my 2024 Reading Challenges blog post for more on those) But I'm going in with the mindset of slow and steady wins the race. I don't want to rush through so many books. I want quality over quantity and to be able to remember the books I read. I'm hoping taking the time to write down my notes in this blog will help me slow down and savor the reads.

I also need to make some time to write. I have a third Alex Lightwood book that has been stewing in my mind for over a year. And a few new ones under my pen name as well. I hardly wrote anything in 2023 and I really missed that creative outlet.

Okay - enough whining. Here's to 2024! I read so many great books in 2023 (you can find my favorites in my Reading Guide HERE), and I'm hoping for some equally great reads in the new year. Be sure to save this page to follow along with the blog - or follow me on TikTok and/or Instagram where I hope to be much more active this year. See you between the pages!

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