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2024 Reading Challenges! (aka Biting Off More Than I Can Chew... Again)

Give. Me. All. The. Challenges!! Before I get to the crazy long list of challenges I'm attempting this year, here are a few reasons why I love challenges:

  1. I LOVE a list. Okay, full honesty - I love checking things off of lists. I'm that crazy person that adds things I've already finished to a list just so I can check it off. No apologies.

  2. My TBR (to be read) pile is like eleventy billion books long. Challenges help me organize that list and decide what to read next.

  3. New genres. This year I explored a lot of new genres and authors that I ended up loving all because of the challenge categories.

  4. Comradery. The online book challenges come with Facebook groups, Discord conversations, and other amazing bookish communities. I get a ton of awesome recommendations (which kind of negates #2, but we won't mention that) and get to chat books with like minded bibliophiles.

  5. Messing about with books. I'm a tactile person and while I love the ease of ebooks and devour audiobooks, there is something so magical about a physical copy. I scour book sales and used book stores to add to both my classroom and personal library. These challenges give me the opportunity to sort through the books to see which fit into the categories. I have spreadsheets, post-it notes, a physical journal that I carry in my purse, and an electronic tracker. (Have I mentioned I love lists?) I love being surrounded by books and having an excuse to look through the titles as many times as possible.

My attempted challenges for 2024. Join me in my madness!

  1. 2024 52 Book Club Reading Challenge - You can also go back and see the past challenges as well. There are mini challenges if you want more than 52 books. And we are doing a read-along four times a year.

  2. Booklist Queen 2024 Challenge - this is a new one for me, but I've heard good things. The challenge prompts look interesting and the Facebook community is a bit smaller than the 52 Book Club group. This is also a book a week challenge.

  3. Reset Book - They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper by Bruce Robinson. This chonky boy is almost 800 pages long. I've been trying to read it for the last few years and haven't gotten past the first chapter. It is fascinating and cerebral, but just really long. I've decided that I'm going to use it as a reset book between other books this year and attempt to read at least a chapter a month, if not more.

Ongoing Challenges: These I am double dipping with the challenges above.

  1. States Reading Challenge from the Book Girls' Guides - I've already got a good dent in this one using books from last year. But there is a fun coloring page to fill in as you finish, which I love. When I finish this one, I'm also going to track the areas of the world as well. This page has a ton of challenges if you're looking for something a bit different.

  2. Agatha Christie Challenge from 52 Book Club. I track this one through a StoryGraph checklist. I actually have the entire collection in hard cover, but have been loving the Hercule Poirot audiobooks narrated by Hugh Frazer.

  3. Japanese Reads - This one is a personal challenge. My family is lucky enough to be traveling to Japan in the spring of 2025, so I want to read at least one book a month by a Japanese author, about Japan, or set in Japan until we leave.

  4. Non-Fiction Reads - at least one a month. I'm usually at about 20% of my reads for the year are non-fiction, so I'll probably read more than 12 non-fiction books this year. However, I'd like to be more mindful about spreading them out.

  5. ARC copies - at least one a month. I usually get my ARCs through NetGalley or my fellow indie authors. Not gonna lie - I feel so special when I get to read books pre-release. :)

Tell me what challenges you are looking forward to this coming year! I'd love to connect in these groups if you are also participating in these.

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