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Secrets in a Still Life
Alex Lightwood Book 1

They say a picture is worth a thousand words... Could it also prove her innocence?

When Alex's relationship and photojournalism career implode in New York, she has little choice but to crawl back to Piney Ridge, the teeny-tiny hometown she left out of focus with no intentions of returning.

Her aim for a quiet reentry is shot when she crashes into the historic Welcome Sign, putting herself squarely in the police chief's focus. When a photowalk by the reservoir gives a whole new meaning to still life, Alex quickly becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her high school nemesis. Things like murder just don't happen in Piney Ridge--and the new girl is an easy target. 

While battling not-so-dormant feelings for an old crush, traversing burned bridges, dodging nosy neighbors, and overcoming her own insecurities, can Alex also snap up the real killer before they put her in the dark room for good? 

Come meet the wonderful residents of Piney Ridge as they help Alex clear her name including her outlandish, Polish grandmother who is 80 going on 18. If you like small towns, tight mysteries, and snarky main characters, then this series is for you. Stay tuned after the story for photography tips and tricks as well!

Lenses Leather and Lies
An Alex Lightwood Prequal Novella

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All Alex wanted was a quiet vacation away from the stress of traveling for her photojournalism career. What better place to regain focus than in her teeny-tiny, boring hometown of Piney Ridge, Maryland, right? Not so much when Alex’s mother volunteers her to photograph the charity motorcycle ride for the Coastbusters.

When a small crash ends in an unexpected death, Alex finds herself in the center frame of a murder investigation. Can her photographs of the event provide a clue to find the culprit? Or will they land her in the darkroom for good?

Join Alex and her ride or die band of helpers, including her 80-going-on-18-year-old grandmother, as they focus their efforts on finding the killer.

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One Click in the Grave
Alex Lightwood Book 2

Pre-order Now!! Available Fall 2021

A new business. A new pet. A new murder to solve.

Something is amiss at the Aged Pine Retirement Community where Alex's 80-going-on-18-year-old grandmother resides. In an unfortunate twist to the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme, Alex finds herself at the bottom of a well... with a dead body. Nana K and her neighbors are not keen on Death knocking unexpectedly. The police have no leads, ruling the death accidental. After all, if Alex fell down the well, so could the victim. But something about it seems undeveloped to Alex.

Just when she's trying to start her own photography business, and juggle a needy fish and a complicated firefighter, Alex clumsily stumbles into the middle of another murder mystery. With the help of her friends, Alex is focused on finding the truth before Nana K becomes the next victim. Can she shed light the mystery before it's too late?

If you like sarcastic female characters, small town antics, and a tightly woven mystery, then this is the series for you!

This is the second book in the Alex Lightwood Cozy Mystery series. Although a stand-alone, I suggest reading in order to get to know the characters and the teeny-tiny town of Piney Ridge, Maryland.

Book no.1
Book 2
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